Monday, March 3, 2008

Say “I Do” to a Destination Wedding

Say “I Do” to a Destination Wedding

Does the thought of “running away” to get married appeal to you, though you’ve also dreamed of a traditional ceremony with friends and family present? There is a way to combine the traditional and the adventurous in one wedding ceremony: a destination wedding.

In a destination wedding, the happy couple travels to an exotic location to say their vows. While a destination wedding requires some serious advance planning, there are a number of reasons why it can be a very practical choice.

For example, if your family and friends are scattered across the country, they must travel to attend your wedding. Why not ask them to travel to a fabulous vacation destination, where everyone can enjoy several relaxed days together?

A wide variety of possible locations means that a destination wedding can suit just about any budget. In fact, destination weddings can be more affordable than traditional weddings. Some of the most popular locations for destination weddings include Hawaii, Florida (think Orlando or Key West), Las Vegas, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. Getting married in conjunction with a cruise is also an increasingly popular choice.

A destination wedding may also be a good idea if you are so busy that you don’t know how you’ll find time to plan a wedding. Many resort hotels, tourist destinations and cruise lines have coordinators dedicated to helping guests arrange memorable weddings, down to the last detail. These helpful coordinators will also let you know what documents you and your fiancé should bring to meet local legal requirements for marriage.

If you choose a destination wedding, it’s important to give your guests as much advance notice as possible, especially if they need to obtain passports. In addition to helping everyone schedule and coordinate their travel, your travel professional can advise you on any other requirements for safe and convenient travel to your dream wedding destination.

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