Thursday, March 27, 2008

Expert Help for Honeymoon Travel

A honeymoon is one of the most memorable vacations a couple will ever take. Honeymoons are great not only because they provide time to relax after the excitement of a wedding, but because they mark the start of a new phase of your life.

To plan such an important personal milestone vacation, it makes sense to work with a professional who has expertise in honeymoon travel. A honeymoon travel expert can help you make important decisions about budget and destination. Knowing that an expert is handling the details can also relieve stress while you’re busy planning your wedding.

Your first step may be to discuss how much you want and can afford to spend on your honeymoon trip. This decision may be closely tied to how much time you can take for your honeymoon, as the time available might determine how far you can travel. Whatever your budget, a honeymoon travel expert can ensure that your honeymoon delivers good value and priceless memories.

Then, discuss the type of honeymoon you want. Rather than simply picking a destination, talk about what you want your honeymoon to be like. Should it be a quiet, secluded getaway, or a trip with a taste of adventure? Do you want food that’s familiar or exotic? Maybe you picture yourselves laying on a beach together, or strolling hand-in-hand among great works of art. At night, do you see yourselves cuddling by a fireplace, snuggling in a deck chair, or dancing the night away? After you describe the type of honeymoon experiences you want, your travel expert can help you select a destination and accommodations that match your wishes.

Some couples like to know which destinations are most popular with other honeymooners. Within the U.S., Las Vegas, New York City, Miami, Aspen and Hawaii are popular choices. Internationally, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Greek Isles, Italy and London are big with honeymooners.

Many honeymoon couples choose to take a cruise, which allows them to visit multiple cities or islands while everything they need, from fantastic food to spa treatments, is available on the ship. Of course, a honeymoon can be as simple as a weekend stay at a local bed and breakfast – you don’t have to travel far for a relaxing getaway experience.

As you plan your wedding, make time to talk with each other about your honeymoon dreams. Then, ­­talk with a honeymoon travel expert at your local travel agency who can make those dreams a reality.


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