Monday, January 7, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

10. Imagine the Pictures

Your gorgeous wedding pictures will be the talk of the town and your kids will never believe you were ever so cool.

9. Anything Could Happen

Resorts and destination wedding locations are known for throwing in extra surprises for the bride and groom.

8. No Need to Decorate!

Paradise comes with beautiful sunsets over the ocean, mountain views, and sailboats passing by. There is no need for cheesy lights and fake floral wall hangings.

7. It isn’t Just Another Wedding, It is an Event

There are over 2 million weddings a year in the United States. Make your wedding stand out and become an event your friends and family look forward to. Your event combines the joy of your wedding, along with the excitement of a vacation.

6. You Don’t Have to Invite the Johnsons

There are always one or two guests a couple would rather leave off the guest list. By having a destination wedding you can easily omit names from the guest list without hurting any feelings.

5. Stress Free is the Only Way to Be

After the ceremony you and your new spouse don’t need to hurry to grab luggage, drag it to the airport, wait in the security line, and sit in a plane for hours. You will already be at your dream honeymoon destination, ready to relax the moment after your wedding.

4. No Need for Bridezilla

Destination weddings take away the stress of having to plan your own traditional wedding. Our experienced destination wedding specialists will plan every detail of your amazing trip down to the color of the umbrella in your drink.

3. No Home Court Advantage

If the groom’s family has to travel 10 hours while the bride’s family has to travel 10 blocks, guests can become upset. With a destination wedding, everyone has to travel and is on common ground.

2. Lower Price Tag

The average price tag for a traditional wedding is $26,300 while, on average, a destination wedding totals $15,500. All-inclusive destination weddings save time and money.

1. You Deserve Paradise

A destination wedding brings a lifetime of memories of that moment when you are gazing into the eyes of the one you love saying “I do” while the cool ocean breeze invigorates your senses and the sounds of the waves hitting the sand brings you goose bumps. That perfect moment will never be forgotten.

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