Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Destination Wedding Pictures

A destination wedding has one HUGE perk over a traditional're in your own personal paradise! Destination Wedding pictures will be treasured forever and, in many people's opinions, are much more beautiful than pictures from a traditional wedding.

Many people get married in Las Vegas. This couple decided to get married right in front of the Las Vegas sign!

This picture also comes from Las Vegas. Not all destination weddings that take place there are in cheesy wedding chapels! Many luxury hotels cater to destination wedding parties and offer gorgeous scenery for the bride and groom's special day.

Beach weddings are extremely popular, especially in locations such as Florida, Mexico, Jamaica, Fiji, and Hawaii.

Many beach weddings are held just as the sun is setting over the horizon. The sky comes alive with brillant colors that are reflected off crystal clear waters while you pose for your picture.

Traveling abroad for a wedding is not uncommon. This couple decided to get married in Greece. Their wedding album will be filled with great pictures of them in front of historic ruins and traditional Greek architecture.

Europe has many cities that are considered some of the most romantic in the world. Why not escape to Paris and marry the love of your life in front of the Eiffel Tower before exploring the rest of the historic city and marveling in its romance.

Canada's Ice Hotel is a modern marvel! Couples here surround themselves with hand-crafted ice sculptures. The entire wedding chapel and hotel is constructed out of ice and will leave guests in awe. Specially designed wedding attire is an option for the colder climate weddings.

Destination weddings don't fall short on colors. Flowers are always a big part of any wedding ceremony and the cost is usually included in your resort stay!

Remember to have your bouquet preserved so you can forever remember your big day!

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