Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take the Plunge! Get married on a cruise Ship!

For those looking for a little something different in a wedding, getting married on a cruise often seems like a good idea. It is, but there are some things you need to know.

There is little doubt that getting married is simultaneously the greatest and most stressful event most couples will embark on. More and more these days, couples are looking for options that present less stress. One such option is wrapping all of the marriage festivities in one package. In this case, we are talking about tying the knot on a cruise.

One of the first things you'll have to decide is whether you want to get married on board the ship or at a port. Not all cruise lines offer weddings on board. In fact, most of them recommend that you get married at port in your home country.

Holland America cruise ships do allow you to get married on the ship. Most of the individual ships do have wedding chapels on board, but you must get married while the ship is docked at its port of origin. It is just one of those legal things. Celebrity cruises also offer many different wedding packages, but you may not get married at sea. Again, you must choose one of the designated ports of call for your wedding ceremony location.

The only cruise line that allows you to actually get married while on the ship at sea is the Princess cruise line. The captains aboard these ships are legally permitted to perform weddings under the legal authority of Bermuda, the port of origin for the cruise line. Any of the major cruise lines, however, would be happy to help you arrange a wedding that revolves around your cruise, and most of the cruise ship companies offer wedding planners at the various ports they land at.

The most popular option is just to get married on land and spend the rest of the time at sea. One way to be sure you'll be able to afford this sort of option is to set up a cruise registry. This is similar to a gift registry, except wedding guests put money into a special account just for your cruise, instead of buying gifts. This way, the cost of your trip can be greatly reduced – perfect for the couple that would rather have a trip than household appliances.

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