Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why a Destination Wedding?
Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, especially among those who enjoy traveling. In the United States there are 360,000 destination weddings or more per year, with a prediction of a 20 percent increase in the next 15 years. Couples who choose a destination wedding generally do so because of the following reasons:

* The couple wants to do something different and personal.
* The couple is paying for the wedding themselves and would like to save money.
* Many resorts and destination wedding locations offer lower rates to destination wedding groups.
* Couples will spend on average 41% less on a destination wedding compared to a traditional wedding in their hometown.
* Wedding packages can be customized and can be all-inclusive.
* When engaged couples are from different areas of the country it becomes difficult to decide where to hold a wedding.
* With destination weddings, both families are in neutral territory. Everyone has to travel and is therefore on common ground.
* The couple desires a carefree event.
* The couple is renewing vows or are getting married for a second time.
* All attendees have the opportunity to spend quality time together, while taking a vacation.

“A destination wedding is a great way to get your closest family and friends together and minimize the usual stress of a traditional wedding. With the help of your travel agent and wedding coordinator at a resort of your choice, not only will you spend less than you would on a traditional wedding, you will have the beauty of your chosen destination for your wedding photos, plenty of activities or relaxation for yourself and guests, and a honeymoon all in one!”

Katie, Travel Leaders Fargo Wedding Destination Specialist

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